Tuesday, May 24

New Sword

I am buying a new sword soon, which one, I am unsure of. My first quality sword is a Gus Trim blade, MS1313 from allsaintsblades.com. This is a larger sword and now I want to get a true one-hander.

I’ve always loved Viking swords, and originally got involved with swords because of that. That’s why I’m thinking of this one, the Vinland. http://albion-swords.com/swords/albion/nextgen/sword-viking-vinland.htm

On the other hand, even though initially I was unimpressed with this one, the Sovereign, I can’t stop thinking about it, and the blade is truly amazing. http://www.myarmoury.com/review_alb_sov.html

So send me some comments and help me decide.

Monday, May 16


It’s been a while, what’s up? Who wants to go golfing around noon Thursday at Greenwood? At the very least I’m going to hit some range balls.