Thursday, August 25

Going to War?

Situation: I have been given the choice to serve in the war against terror. I don’t want to go to Iraq, but I probably will go with my Army National Guard unit when it deploys soon.

Now you, whomever is reading this, has the chance to dilute, by one soldier, the atrocities compiling by the mere presence of US forces; or increase, by one soldier, the potential for a continued and glorious victory over the Axis of Evil. Your chance to influence me through replying is small, but your contribution will be reviewed and (probably) discussed.

I am not limiting you as to what you can say, but remember I am one soldier, not the US Foreign Policy. That is to say, I want to discus why it’s important for an individual soldier to go or not go, not the nation. Additionally, I’m not as interested in practical benefits (i.e. college money, etc.), but rather the moral credits and debits (service to Nation, the unholy slaughter of “innocents”) a soldier would be accountable for either way.

This post was designed more for the lurker or happenstance reader. I’m pretty sure I know what my normal readers are going to say (that’s why I’m probably coming), but feel free to voice what you think, why you have chosen to go, or why you wanted to stay, anyway.

Tuesday, August 16

The funny thing is I mean it

Did you ever want to grab a large, preferably metallic, object and run through a crowd of people flailing said object randomly? Pre-deployment stress, school stress, marital stress, financial stress, and those goddamn box elder bugs are everywhere! I already got my object picked out so, random crowed of people out there, you better watch out.

Wednesday, August 3


One Trek 820 Mountain Bike, red and black, out of my garage. Had an aftermarket Bell headlight on the handlebars. On the rear wheel it had the hook up for a pull behind kid trailer. Serial # C83G0293 bought on 4/20/04 for $220. Stolen last night, 02 Aug 05, or this morning between 11:30pm and 7:00am.