Thursday, July 27

Part 3: The problem

Poor training is poor training, and no amount of it will yield a much better soldier. If I am likely to die through my hesitation when engaging multiple moving targets while maneuvering with my team/squad/platoon, no amount of ultra controlled solitary prone or foxhole shooting is likely to alleviate that. Additionally, no one will ever know about my inability to conduct myself in such a situation and therefore not aid me to overcome this detriment to our unit in time to avoid the repercussions of these poor fighting skills.

How am I to know how to act in, or better prepare myself for, a situation I have never been in? How does one go from rarely touching a weapon outside of a strictly controlled situation to carrying it locked and loaded constantly through an actual combat zone?

Also know that this concerns me only moderately, but it is all I feel comfortable getting into right now.