Wednesday, May 31

Train Up- Part 1: The Question

I am normally not one to complain, and hopefully you will find I have avoided doing so (all be it skillfully), though I come perilously close throughout the duration of this writing. My criticisms and questions will predominantly pertain to the training of National Guard troops for deployment.
Why is it each time we deploy there is a train up equal to one-half times the deployments length? Three months I trained before a six month deployment to Bosnia, and six months before one year in Iraq. Neither time offered the facilities, aids, instructors, or even material to justify their time frame.
Let alone someone question their length as to the extent of undue stress on the family environment; I will, near the end of this deployment, have been deployed for half the age of my youngest daughter- since she was born.

Tuesday, May 23

No post

I haven’t written anything for a while for two reasons: 1) There is really nothing I wanted to write about that I thought I could write about, and 2) There would be little or no time to do it. But now, I have decided to try and start posting again so be prepared for an entertaining ramble about nothing coming up. \m/ “rock out” <--(look I learned some more whatever-there-calleds, ok I’ll stop with the false motivation)