Wednesday, January 21

Why not post something

Why study philosophy? It appears to be the pursuit of answers to unanswerable questions. The futile nature of such an art demands an understanding, at least by those who would continue its practice, as to why bother to continue its practice. Essentially every major question that philosophers have asked since the beginning of time remains in debate, to some degree or another. What good has come, how many lives wasted?

However, every modern science has its origins in philosophy. When a science becomes able to stand on its own is when it departs, to form its own school of thought. From philosophy came history and the understanding of why it is important. Mathematics, beyond simple counting, is in its debt. The study of science, Physiology, Sociology, and more were spawned as ideas resulting from a way to find truth beyond what was currently thought at the time each was developed. If you look closely, you will see an underlying assumption in everything thought to be known that is without certainty. This is where the subject separated from philosophy.

To generalize all the schools of science, knowledge comes from experience or observation, and absolute knowledge is in a disprovable form. To generalize every religion, knowledge is attainable without conformation through faith or by the grace of God, Gods, or some other greater unknown. Absolute knowledge of such beings and/or the commandments of any religion remain provable only through each specific faith. As for mathematics, have you ever been for a stroll and encountered something to claim “look, there is the square root of 7.” Of course not, but to suggest its nonexistence would be to invite much laughter at your foolishness.

I got back on here and wanted to write something, and there it is. Full of careless thought, but now it can be subject to the scrutiny of all.